Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Word Cloud

I searched my blog and found out I've never done a word cloud. How is that even possible? They do them over at Wordle.net.  I also had a couple of technical difficulties, so these are screencaps.

I liked the first one, possibly because the font reminds me of Robin Hood, which is the fantasy LA architecture time that I love.  Women in pointed hats with feathers, odd shingled fairy tale houses, leaded windows.  Peasants. Swashbuckling.  Leather pouches.

What is "workve"?  Do I have a typo?

I like this one, too. More serious. Earth tones, serif.  This word cloud is instructive.

And, I see now, shaped like a foot. 

I did this last one since I kind of love this color combo. It's electric.

I'm also noticing the two most prominent words are "something" and "like", which may be telling me to be more specific in my writing.  Or that I'm looking for the words to describe....something. 

Then rest are "work", "never", "know", "English", and "school."  Obviously, this is mostly from my last post.  Perhaps the lesson is to not try and glean meaning from a random internet word generator.

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