Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Has it been...?

Has it been so long since I last posted that I am now getting Note Spam? How wierd is that? My last posting has one comment, and it's spam about the timber industry. I will soldier on, undeterred.

So, since we last spoke, or since I last pissed out into cyperspace, as it were, my job ended. Probably a good thing in the long run, but in the short, it has been disastrous for my wallet. So, my time has been taken obsessing about finding a job. but don't think I haven't thought about posting, because I have--here's a short list:

Judith Moore's Fat Girl, Everybody's Famous, and Look at Me--I have been threatening to write on these for a while, as they all have dig female teenage protagonists--although Fat Girl is in a different category, and makes an issue of it in the way the others don't, but i still think it's key in the two movies as well. Two movies, I might add, that are enoyable, each in their own way.

Grizzly Man and March of the Penguins (do you really need a hyperlink for that?)--I saw both this weekend, and am interested in the completely different view of animals and how that's managed. Also, Timothy Treadwell of Grizzly Man is one of the most interesting characters I have seen in a while

Man's search for meaning--this is a recurrent theme, but I have wanted to write for a while about man's need for a higher power, diety, what have you. Reams have been written, forests have been felled, and answer. I will write when I feel I have something to contribute to the conversation.

Reviews of Chicken Little, Must Love Dogs, Devil in the White City (which is haunting), and the new Nick Hornsby.

So there's a lot in there, and hopefully I'll get some of it out. For financial reasons I have not been patronizing the movies much of late--and there's been not much interesting to see. But, I do want to see The Aristocrats, and we are moving into hopefully an interesting movie fall.

I miss the fall out here in the land of LA. I am pining for it. Hopefully a trip to the mountains.

I also have my first job in television, gentle reader. It is only temporary (isn't it all?), but is the finishing up of a show now broadcasting on Animal Planet, called K9 Karma, about a dog doing yoga. IT's very New York centric, and it's making me pine for New York, but then I remember that I never had a house in the Hamptons, nor did I have a fabulous East Village pad and my own yoga studio, and fabulous wealthy friends who took their dogs to doggie day care. Ah well. One can dream. It's a cute show, on daily 11:30 and 2:30pm EST on Animal Planet. Especially the episode where all the puppies learn to swim. CUTE!