Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I did something I rarely do tonight. I was re-formatting a short that I wrote, so I had the TV on the in the background. I usually don't do this.  Now I am reminded why.  Something about TV makes me feel really warm after I'm watching it for a while.  Between the TV and the laptop, I started sweating.  TMI, probably, but just a reminder. I am a uni-tasker.  Music, yes.  TV, no.

I was first watching a very uninteresting, slow gay movie on Netflix, but then changed to one of my favorite movies, 8 1/2.  Perhaps it was all the fast Italian in the background that did it.  Sadly, Netflix does not have my favorite Felllini movie, Nights of Cabiria, on streaming. In fact, I'm not even sure they have it to mail. Too bad, too, because it's brilliant.

8 1/2, though, has one of the most lyrical scenes in cinema, when the children are being washed and put to bed. It also has one of the most joyous/ridiculous/sweet scenes, too, that is parodied often - Saraghina on the beach.  They're both on youtube, so I've posted them and enjoy. At about 3 minutes the fortune tellers guess the words, and that's when he has a reverie.

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