Monday, August 19, 2013


So many post ideas have gone through my head recently, but they all feel like topics that require some thoughtfulness.  I'm therefore not writing this evening about the royal baby and our need for celebrity; my theory about corporate structures mimicking the monarchy; the God idea and what need it might fulfill. These all feel a little deep tonight.

I did look at some notes for ideas I wrote down, so here they are in lieu of solid ideas.

"Many ways to say the same thing" - I'm sure that was in reference to something.  Now it's just a line in comic sans in my notes app.  If anyone, by the way, knows how to change the font to something besides comic sans, I'd be grateful.

Presbycousis - I heard this the word the other day and this was by stab at spelling it.  It's actually presbycusis.  The audiologist used it to describe my tinnitus. It's gradual hearing loss as you age.  That's a fun one.  Yay.

"When do the decisions start being made for you" - I've had that one in there for a while. January 11th. 6:55pm.  I was wondering how long you can be indecisive before the decisions start being made for you, and the options begin to decrease.  Still don't have an answer.

"It's too late to be a wunderkind. When did that happen?"  About 15 years ago.

City of 10,000 Buddhas on the site of former mental hospital. Ukiah, CA.  Sounds fascinating. They have a restaurant.

"Disappointed farms. Art and kindness mutually exclusive?" I wonder what bleakness I was pondering on September 12, 2012.  What was disappointed farms describing.  I think art can be kind, too. I must have had a bout of cynicism.  Hm.  And what's a disappointed farm?

So many questions. I'll keep asking them, and probably write about some of my notes sometime.  I'll keep you posted.

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