Wednesday, August 07, 2013


This is new: I actually wrote four pages of a new script today.  A friend pitched a great idea to me that he's had for a while, and asked if I wanted to write it.  Of course, I couldn't concentrate on anything else, and wrote the first scene. This even though I have a backlog of a bunch of other stuff I've been sketching out but haven't started. Tomorrow I start a comedy pilot writing class for four weeks.

Now, as I look at the sidebar of my blog and see so many things I planned to read or see in 2011 and still haven't, I have the impulse to start with the "yeah but you won't finish"-its.  But I don't think that's necessary.  Even this couple of weeks of daily writing has given me a boost of confidence to just do it and put it out there.

Who new?

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