Saturday, August 17, 2013


Second night of our show. I always forget how tiring it is to do a show. Of course, we did walk around the Huntington Gardens in the hot sun today, too, which is tiring.

I love the Huntington, and haven't been there in years. The gardens are beautiful and extensive. The book collection and exhibits are great. The art collection is eclectic, heavy on the 18th and 19th century, including the famous Gainsborough Blue Boy. I was looking at the suit on the Blue Boy portrait, at the broad color strokes that are called out on the placard beside the painting.

It reminded me of the fabric painting of El Greco, who was painting a few years before. Like 200.  I can't help but think there is an influence, though it's not stated.

Neither here nor there; I'm an armchair art critic. It's always surprising how many things reference either other, or remind. Aside from that, I love El Greco. I've seen his influence in so many artists. Ahead of his time. Even though, like I said, he's not called out as a reference.  That fabric makes me wonder.

Speaking of El Greco, look at this:

I mean, that almost looks expressionist. In the 17th century! Amazing. And his people look so gaunt and haunted. It's no wonder he's lasted. A master.

On the topic at hand, though - go visit the Huntington if you can. It's a wonderful place.

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