Saturday, July 27, 2013


My boyfriend and I are watching Mike Birbiglia's excellent movie "Sleepwalk with me", that he produced with Ira Glass. It's on Netflix streaming. I really enjoyed this movie when I saw it the first time, so we're watching it again. It concerns his sleeping disorder and how he started doing standup comedy.  They seem to have grown together.  I'm making it sound much more dry than it is.  Great cast, really funny and touching, and almost as much about becoming a stand-up comic and the difficulty in that as about the relationships.

Before that we watched "The Fall", also on Netflix, a serial killer drama starring Gillian Anderson from  the UK.  I don't love suspense shows. I realized the other day that I basically see independent movies, animated films, and musicals.  Apparently, I'm a very precocious child in my movie watching tastes.

My watching the Conjuring a few weeks ago made me aware once again that horror movies are something I need to avoid.  Scary. 

As I'm writing this my bathroom window slammed shut and I jumped out my skin. Seriously, not a scary movie person.

The point, though, is that streaming is great. I cancelled my television about a month ago, after wanting to for a year or so since I don't watch it all that much.  Now I love how targeted streaming can get, providing more interesting movies and shows without having to subscribe.  I know this sounds like a sales pitch, but more it's just appreciation. I've been finding a lot of things that I wouldn't otherwise, like Sleepwalk with Me, which came up as a suggestion. That's a bad example since I've already seen it, but there are a lot of titles I've meant to and missed in the theater, or ones I didn't know about.

My suggestions are currently things like "romantic comedies with strong female needs" and "cerebral foreign dramas with strong emotional components.". There are gay movies, too, though they don't come out and say that, they just say "because you watched Taxi Zum Klo" (which is a landmark German gay film from the early 80s I wanted to watch since I'd never seen it, or was probably terrorized by it when I was 9).  Incredible how much content there is.  Actually, the first two might as well be based on the same assumption. They have me figured out.

Luckily, my boyfriend comes over and watches suspense movies, inappropriate comedies, and action movies.  I get some suggestions from that, too.  It's a nice balance.

Okay, back to the movie.

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