Thursday, July 18, 2013

Daily Practice

Some of this will be drek, or a lot of it, if I'm writing every day.   I just got back from a screening of a movie called Test, set in 1985.  I don't get the comparison to Parting Glances at all, which for my money (and a lot of other people) one of the best gay films made by a gay filmmaker about gay characters.  Great movie.  Still holds up.

Anyhow, I did like the movie, and it brought back that time. This was set in the modern dance world. The music - Laurie Anderson, Romeo Void, Bronski Beat - recalled what a dark time the 80s was in a lot of ways.  There was a lot of grit and darkness. A lot of the music reflected that - not Madonna obviously - but others.  Missing Persons was playing on the radio on the way home. There's a lot more I could write about the 80s, and hopefully will.  Right now, though, I'm very tired and I have a big, day long event tomorrow so need to get some sleep.

Just for fun, though, also playing on the radio was Hotel California. I was wondering what would rhyme with that, forgetting momentarily "it never rains in California/but boy, don't they warn ya" or whatever those lyrics were.  I came up with

If you were jeans, we would've worn ya.
If you die, we will mourn ya
If you're the christ child, we'll adorn ya.

Of course, there's no need to rhyme it in that song since "such a lovely place" comes up, but still an interesting question. And the ya makes them all kind of informal.

I must be tired. I don't even know that this warrants internet space, but I guess there have been worse.

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