Saturday, July 20, 2013


I saw Sandra Bernhard on Broadway years ago. She worked with a music stand near her stool, covered in notes.  I figured she'd put material in to the show each night to see what she could add, or how things played.  One night she read a list of nail salons names in New York.  This felt apropos, not only because of her personal history of being a manicurist, but New York at that time was feeling overtaken by nail salons. My favorite diner in Chelsea, Bendix, had recently been converted to a nail salon. (The trend has continued - the last time I visited New York it was overrun by nail salons, Duane Reades, and Wachovias. Apparently New Yorkers get money from ATMs to buy prescriptions, sundries, and get their nails done).

I've always remembered the chutzpah it took to do that, and how funny she is that she can read a list of nail salons and make it entertaining.

This daily writing is feeling to me a little like that list of nail salons. I don't have anything interesting at the moment, and I'm grabbing whatever's closest.

A nail salon just opened by where I work, following a travel bookstore and some sort of production office. I guess nail salons are a sure hit.

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