Thursday, July 25, 2013


It's been a while since I've written a list, though I have been keeping one of topics to write about. It's just been a surprisingly emotional day, and I'm a little wrung out to do much that feels thoughtful, so a list is always a good thing. Maybe a list of things to do, and things I want to see.

And I feel so much less pressure since I got rid of my DVR.  I'm even watching more TV streaming now, so I'm seeing more TV paradoxically.  Just bringing that up since it makes my to-do list smaller.

Now that I think about it, I'll just make a list  of things that feel possible and impossible right now. You can figure out which is which

Beginner's Mind - cultivate one
Saving money
Figuring out why bees are dying
Figuring out what's really in my food
Not adding to my reading list
Reading what's on my reading list
Writing those three films I have ideas for
Learning how to write a film
Knowing perfection isn't possible
Not believing everything I read
Believing what I read when there's a reason to believe it
Make peace
Not taking things personally
Knowing if I do take things personally it's okay - most people don't notice
Eat less sugar
Cut out the ice cream, who wants to buy new pants?
Brush up on my French
Learn Spanish
Find out what they put in that "New Mexico" green chile here; it's not from New Mexico
Sing a little more

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