Friday, July 26, 2013


I've been seeing more and more about Putin's restrictive laws in Russia. He is outlawing homosexuality, the discussion of it, any mention in education, any activity, as well as working to pass laws outlawing adoption by gay couples, and attempting to take children (including biological children) away from gay parents who have children.

I've seen in the news more beatings of gay people reported, as well as a recent rape and murder. There is also a neo-Nazi group who has been posting ads on line to lure gay teenagers to meet them, who are then beaten.

This is terrifying and disturbing. There have been calls for boycotting the Olympics (where gay athletes would be threatened, as Putin has promised to detain any gay foreign nationals), and Stolichnaya vodka.  The former is probably more of a statement than the latter.

I do not know what action I can take. It's a scary time. But with a president who wants to get favor with his people when the nation is rife with corruption and economic hardship, a scapegoat is an easy out.
I cannot help but draw parallels to the Holocaust, and hope that one won't happen in Russia.  It's hard not to look at what's going on, especially as these are being passed as laws, that a genocide is far behind.  Very scary stuff.

I know what I can do is work to make sure our country maintains its laws and freedom of speech, thought and action. I'm grateful I can write this.  There are those in our country who would welcome such restrictive laws, and probably even the violence. There are those who perpetrate those acts here.  It's important that we fight for what we have gained, and continue to make our voice heard.


Elizabeth said...

You've done one huge thing here by writing about it. I had no idea. Thank you for letting me know --

Criticlasm said...

I'm glad. I think what needs to happen now is for more people to know. It's so troubling.