Sunday, July 14, 2013

Meaningful Pause

Today I saw a Dutch movie called It's All Quiet (spoiler: it was. Seriously quiet), a program of International Shorts, a comedy, and a documentary about Divine called "I am Divine".  It was - a wonderful tribute, it played well. Lots of laughs.

I'm making this short again since it's late, and I'm up early tomorrow, but keeping up with the practice.  Today, with the foreign films, I experienced a lot of meaningful pauses, meaningful silences filled with meaningful looks. I'd never noticed them as much as I did today.  I even witnessed part of a short that was at least a full minute if not two of someone unpacking groceries while a cat yowled in the background.  The short was interesting, but taken out of context that idea makes me laugh.

I'll leave you with that, while I take a meaningful pause.

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