Sunday, September 22, 2013

Aaron Smith and his studio

This afternoon I went for a studio preview visit to see some of Aaron Smith's new paintings for his upcoming New York show "Past the Pillars of Hercules."

The last is a detail of the middle portrait, "Fallalish."  The top is "Pother."  A lot of his work is from 19th century photographs. I love the thick paint and the use of color. They're quite striking in person as well.  He's running prints of the middle piece, which I'm assuming are part of his bearded blokes work. I've loved them for quite a while, and he is producing a small run (50) of signed prints of "Fallalish."  I'm not a collector, but it would be great to have a print.

One other great thing about the studio visit was the studio itself. Aaron himself is a affable fellow, and the space is great.

This is a picture I took, but you can see more of the artist and his studio here. I spoke with a few people who had the same sentiment I did - wouldn't it be great to have a studio?  Preferably one like this, with exposed brick, clean, well maintained with lots of light. I probably wouldn't paint, but who knows?  The supplies are incredibly enticing.  Wouldn't it be nice, though, to have a little separate space given only to creation?

The paintings are on display at Sloan Fine Art in New York from October 26th - November 17th.  Visit them, and buy one for me.


Elizabeth said...

I love those portraits -- thanks for sharing.

Criticlasm said...

Thanks for reading! :)