Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Not to navel gaze too much here, but I've been thinking about a test I took in 4th grade in Omaha, which purported to predict what our best future career would be.

My answer: Philosopher

I had to look it up. It's possible that it was psychologist, but I think it's philosopher, since my first thought was, "Do I have to wear a white robe?"

I think of this when I think about blogging here. I've gotten okay at short posts, but I mostly want to struggle with questions of the God idea, why we believe what we believe, what's happening that's splintering America, how our brains are changing when we spend our time in front of machines.

So, philosophizing.  My concerns are two fold: length (no one reads anymore. I've been repeatedly asked at work to bullet point things, as my writing is style is, to put it kindly, verbose) and opinion. There's a fear of putting some opinion out there and then having to stand behind it.  The web seems like a crazy place. Of course, anyone reading this would probably understand the tone in which something was intended, but you never know.  They always say you can't control tone. Though they could be wrong, some writers do it well.  And I guess it's really the third thing - I can't argue a point without trying to look at the other side. Usually I can see it.  Not always. See, I'm even noncommittal in that.

I resisted the impulse to put a smiley face there.  Controlling tone through emoticons; what a tool that's been lacking for years.  I'm sure the British would have taken the Declaration of Independence completely differently if it ended with a smiley face. Or a #sorrynotsorry.

Anyhow, I may just start writing on metaphysics or something here. So don't be surprised.  I'm very interested in it.  And I'll try to keep a straight face.


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