Monday, March 31, 2014

A**hole theory

I'm not starting a new branch of philosophy, just musing. And it always gives something the aura of intellect to put "theory" after it.

I live in Los Angeles, and used to live in New York, and there is a type, usually in a position of power, that I have encountered. 

Disclaimer - I'm not saying I currently work with any of these types, or even have in the past. Blessedly I've been fortunate to work with some great people here and in New York, in positions of great power. That does not mean, though, that I have not been a bystander, sometimes in a restaurant, sometimes in the street. 

I have always been interested in ego. I'm confounded, at time, at the self-interest that people can show. We all have it to some degree, but the particular type I'm concerning myself with here has it in spades. 

I've watched these people on both coasts, though I don't believe you have to live on a coast to be one. I do, though, wonder at the short-sightedness of this particular ego-maniac, though not too much time as life is short. 

What I'm figuring, though, is that they are in pain. Rich or poor, the a**hole must be in some pain. It's not easy to be them.  And seeing them in action, I wonder that they are given things for behaving this way.  This is my charitable assumption. but only because, it makes it somewhat easier to deal with them. I figure that people, at their base level, want to solve pain when it is presented to them.  Therefore, when they are presented with someone who seems to be always dissatisfied and angry about it, they want to help them. That help is usually in the form of giving them what they want, so they will hopefully be released from their pain.

I've heard it said that Chekhov plays are peopled with two types: those who only need one small thing to make them happy but will never get it, and those who have everything but will always be dissatisfied.  You know, a**holes.

Unfortunately, for the afflicted, they are not released from their pain.  Acquisition only makes them more dissatisfied, and dissatisfaction is their main tool for obtaining more. Nothing can assuage them, as they are just an a**hole.

Sad, really.  I'll keep you posted on more areas of this exciting new scholarship, but I like to spend as little time as possible thinking about them, so it may be a while.

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