Monday, January 06, 2014


While I'm figuring out what to say about stained glass from Canterbury and Werner Herzog at the Getty (I have a good idea, but did you ever take notes in the dark during a film? Results not always super-legible), take a look at my friend Ted's blog, Bookeywookey

Frankly, extraordinary. I've always enjoyed it, but his year end lists of what he's read each year are mind-blowing.  45 - 50 books a year, while also getting a PhD. How do people do it?  Really, I actually want to know.

Anyhow, I'm chipping away at the ones I've been chipping away at. Meanwhile, there's a great amount of ideas and recommendations awaiting you at Bookeywookey.



Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the link -- I look forward to checking it out. As for reading, I usually read between 35-45 a year -- but I'm a fast reader. It's fun to list the books as you read them on your blog --

Criticlasm said...

Elizabeth, that's a great idea. I'm always so inspired by that for some reason. I haven't found my groove in LA like I did in NY, but I still manage to read a fair amount. It's fun to get recommendations