Thursday, January 13, 2011


It's January 13th and I haven't written a thing.  I'm supposed to be finishing War & Peace in thirteen days.


Monday is a holiday, so there's that.  And I just changed the background on my blog for freshness.  The template's called "Awesome!". (! mine)

I'm doing a reading of Mother Courage with some actors I'm really fond of, casting and organizing it myself.  Now I just need someone to read stage directions so I can listen to it.  It's actually kind of exciting to just go ahead and do it, not worrying about if we'll produce it, where it will go, etc.  It's the new Tony Kushner translation, too, which I like a lot.  I'm doing that instead of the Golden Globes - yes to DVRs.

I'm also doing a reading of a friend's musical on Saturday, too.  Busy now that I put it down on paper.

But I do miss War & Peace, and I've missed the writing.  It's time to get going for the New Year - brush off the shiny a little.

It's truly no reason for pressure, as where am I in such a hurry to get?  But I still think of this Faulkner quote when I think of time (from Quentin in "The Sound and The Fury"):

"You can be oblivious to the sound of a clock or a watch for a long time, and then, in a second of ticking, it can create in the mind, unbroken, the long diminishing parade of time you didn't hear."

I guess I'm suddenly hearing the ticking. It will recede and then present itself again.


Man. Hat. In. said...

Well put. I was at the symphony thinking I want to write!! I want to REad!!! I want to Create and explore and all that. But I knew I couldn't right now, but I was at the symphony. Convenient. (I loved the symphony BTW)

Elizabeth said...

I've missed you here and look forward to 2011 with Criticlasm.

That quote is awesome --

burning faggot said...