Thursday, June 17, 2010


I’m 42 today.

I would usually start off the year with an intention; or perhaps an intention to have an intention but end up with a bad feeling about not having an intention.

But not this year.

This year, I’m just enjoying it. And although my other shoe-dropping mentality made “you’re going to die in your sleep” pop into my head right as I was setting my alarm last night, once again it was wrong. I did wake up. And at 7:17 EST, I turned 42, so I’m in the third year of my 5th decade.

So I had coffee with friends, lunch with work friends, and now dinner made by an old friend to spend with friends. How lucky is that?

I feel very grateful and gifted. Perhaps it’s the glow from my first acting award nomination. It’s certainly not that I’m behind 19 chapters on War & Peace to keep on my 365 day schedule (skipping a few days can really get you). I have a feeling about Andrei and Natasha – it’s all very exciting at the moment, but you know Napoleon and Waterloo are just around the corner. But I have sinus surgery next week, so that will keep me low enough to catch up on some chapters.

And maybe catch Tilda Swinton in “I Am Love”. This weekend’s a trip to Arizona to see family, so much podcasting – catching up on Short Stories, History, and Science. I love that.

There will be more to write about. My intention is manifesting itself just by being and see what’s next at the moment. And that’s a lovely place to be.


Elizabeth said...

Have a very happy birthday. I am so happy to have met you this year and to have had the privilege of reading your blog.

I saw "Winter's Bone" today and thought about you -- I think you'd like it and am interested in how you'd review it.

Criticlasm said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! And we still have to coordinate schedules and figure out how to have lunch with Tanya.

I'll check that movie out. Right now it's I am Love and the Joan Rivers doc in my top two.

Tanya Ward Goodman said...

Love how how hopeful this post is and how forgiving you are with your kind self. Safe weekend travels! See you when you return.