Friday, September 25, 2009

Robert Frank

I was reading this story about Robert Frank's photo exhibit in NY and saw the above picture in the slideshow. It's the only one without people, and I thought "That looks like New Mexico" and lo and behold it is. That always makes me laugh--I don't live there anymore, haven't for twenty years, go back maybe once a year if I'm lucky, but still you can just spot it.

The exhibit looks amazing--travels in the mid-fifties documenting a changing country. They're difficult, lonely photos in some ways. The people look distressed--not in pain, but what you call a costume when you take a new fabric and make it look worn. It's called distressing the fabric. It's showing its wear. That's what some of these photos look like to me. Captivating.

If you're in NY, go see it for me.


Elizabeth said...

Your writing is fantastic. Worlds were expressed in these few sentences. Thanks -- and I wish that I could go to this show.

Criticlasm said...

Thank you so much! :)

Well, if we're lucky, it will come to LACMA or the Getty.