Sunday, December 31, 2006


I'm very glad to be doing the Smackdown over at Stinkylulu. Check it out when you have moment. I'm working on making this blog more about film writings, and the other place I post, Live Journal more personal. For the most part I'm posting over there, but trying to do some more writings here. A balance will be struck, I would imagine.

Meanwhile, thanks for visiting, and here's a little capsule about Pan's Labyrinth:

Well, we were not prepared for that. If I were a more florid reviewer I would say something like "Del Toro's vision, shocking and beatiful, has the power to pry open your heart little by little until you are left with no defenses. As much a fairy tale as a vision of heroism, sacrifice, rebellion and loss." But I'm not, so this looks like a terrible, beatiful, and ultimately harrowing view of life and sacrifice under fascism, as well as a simple fairy tale quest. I went with someone I was meeting for the first time, and during the credits all I could think was how to have a moment for myself, because this person didn't seem like someone I'd want to be that open near. Shocking for me because there is so much violence, and truly disturbing, but it may be my favorite movie of the year so far.

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