Thursday, March 02, 2006


I've been posting at another site, so excuse my absence. I will hopefully be writing a tome soon about the Russians. To be Posted here, where such things are posted. :)

Here's a link to the NYTimes article about Runway, and there is slideshow with three of the final designs. I didn't know Heidi's modeling agent said she had the "personality of a German Sausage". Not so nice--but fashion is tough. I realize I watch the show too much when I noticed two typos--he got Zulema's name wrong, and it's the L'Oreal PARIS makeup room. He calls Tim Gunn a heartthrob--I love it!

And here's a spoof memo to the Vatican, complete with a questionaire on how to identify truly committed homosexuals. Hee hee. Part of it:

1. Jesus would have been a bad boyfriend because:

(a) He wasn’t gay or sexual in any way, so the question is disgusting.

(b) He would have cared about everyone, but not enough about you.

(c) He wasn’t really Jewish.

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