Friday, February 03, 2006

The Huh? Department

Okay, here is one of the strangest stories in a long time. The director of the XXX sequel, Die Another Day, and Once Were Warriors, was found loitering in the street in Hollywood dressed in drag, and was arrested after soliciting a policeman for sex. Huh?
And here, after a week which included seeing someone I was supposedly dating having sex with someone else in a bar while I was there, and finding out I owe more than I make a month in taxes, I have to say now that things don't seem so bad. I'm not taking any joy in it, but it certainly puts things into perspective.
Now, if you were a big Hollywood director, don't you think you could just dress in drag in your own home and job someone in? Hopefully he's not that hard up for money. I can't imagine being a tranny hooker in Hollywood pays all that well. I'm sure he has more marketable skills. You just have to wonder at this one. Fascinating.

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