Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Da Bears

I realized that I haven't posted in a while, and I think my decaf was regular today so I am speeeeeeding along. That, or I'm bi-polar, and tomorrow will suck.

Anyhow, had the distinct pleasure of attending Tuesday night dinner with a room full of bears who watch trashy TV last night. Actually, they all used to be bears, but they are now post-bear, or as I was told post-post bear. And if you want a laugh, try a bunch of bears making fun of bear culture. I never studied the intricacies, but it was fun hearing them joke about it. But the most fun was watching Project Runway with a group of guys. Hysterical. Through the miracle of TiVo, we were able to stop and start the program, freezing on Emmet when he was knocked out. (Did we really think Emmett was going to last through the ice-skating challenge?) One of the guys said "he looks like an alien who is trying to remember the human protocol. He's like the the man who fell to Runway." And sure enough, if you freeze on Emmett, that's exactly what he looked like. I loved Zulema's eyeshadow, though the dress reminded me fo a cross between internal tubing and breakfast cereal. It won.

We were also able to see last night's episode of American Idol, spurring more serial killers with every audition, and reinforcing as many stereotypes along the way. The whole Rhonetta thing was such a reinforcement of the L'il Kim thing, and went on way too long. Ugh. And did anyone else notice the framing of the girl whose father was in prison and lived with her Granfather was exactly the same framing as Parker Posey's character in Waiting for Guffman when she moves back to Alabama after her father is released from Prison? Coincidence?

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