Friday, December 09, 2005

Timefullness and Timelessness

I live in LA. I just saw a woman with obvious plastic surgery in jeans and a seat jacket. I realized suddenly why plastic surgery is so disturbing here when it's overdone and obvious. It's like your face is dressed up with nowhere to go. The woman's face looked like it was on the way to the Academy Awards, but she was dressed for grocery shopping. Disturbing.

On the timeless side, if you have a moment check out this NPR Story about Marine Colonel MAtthew Bogdanos, who is a NY Ass't DA and a Classics Scholar. He formed a group to chase down priceless antiquties that were stolen from the Baghdad Museum. IT's been closed for twenty of the last twenty-five years, and many of the treasures have been looted. Hearing him talk about a small pot from the 6th Millenium BC, and the effect it had on his men, is truly inspiring. To hear someone so fired up about art and its importance in our lives is wonderful. You can feel it in his voice.

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