Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Post Office

Today I had to stand in line at the post office. Usually, I use the machines that sell stamps, or that new automated thingy where you can mail packages by yourself and drop them into a terrorist-proof bin (Stinky Lulu knows the formal name and acronym, but I have yet to incorporate that into my vocabulary). But while there, I had some time to think of some new slogans. So hey, USPS, try these on for size:

The Post Office: We're not going anywhere, and neither are you
We're in no hurry-- the Post Office
The Post Office: In this hurried world, helping you slow down
This is as fast as we go: The Post Office
Yeah, take a number--the Post Office

I figure it's signing up for the most Sisyphean task one can think of. The mail, it just keeps coming. In fact, that's a good slogan, too--it keeps coming.

So, I must thank them for making me slow down and contemplate life bit. In dim lighting.

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