Thursday, March 31, 2005

The gays--bringing people together

I just wrote this whole diatribe, and managed to lose it, so I will attempt to find my righteous indignation again. :)

I noticed this story on the front page of the New York Times today. What the hell? Is the only way these people can unite through common hatred? Don't they have anything better to do? (Insert feeding tube, abortion, marriage joke here). This seems to me a ridiculous waste of time.

What continues to amaze me is that someone feels that they can read one book and feel like they can tell everyone else how to live. Do they even care about God, or only their own power? Every one of these religions that these men represent started as an impulse from someone--Jesus, Mohammed,the Bal Shem Tov (I won't mention Joseph Smith--there are elements of singular divine revelation in Mormonism, but the impulse is ego and control)--to bring the divine to everyone; to say "you don't need these structures, you just need you and an open mind." Then they are hijacked by idiots who make it an orthodoxy and we are back in the same place. Again and again. Will we ever learn from this? And who are these people that think from reading a 6000 or 2000 or 1400 year old text that they somehow know the mind of God? Does God even have a mind? If they truly believe that a divine force created the entire world in all it's complexity, what kind of hubris does it take to believe that you could somehow comprehend that Divinity and its wishes? It all seems an attempt to make God smaller. To match their minds. And how do they get away with it? How do people continually let them? Are people that afraid to think for themselves? Are people afraid of the mystery so much they will believe any BS shoved down their throats for comfort and ease? These idiots would have no power were it not given them. And not by God, that much is clear.


Well, at least the gays are managing to bring people together, if only in common hatred of them. But, to sink to the silly millinered mens' level, they all look old and we can only hope they'll all die, and their hatred with them. I think it's past bringing any real light to them, if their quotes are any indication. We can only hope they have no influence over young minds. That would be truly destructive. So there. I didn't have to dig too deep for that indignation, huh?

To paraphrase Tony Kushner--the great work begins.....again.

But you have a great day. Do something nice for yourself.

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